“Cottoning On”: Shooting in the Delta

“COTTONING ON”: SHOOTING IN THE DELTA Do you know where your jeans come from? Photographer Par Bengtsson traveled to Wilson, Arkansas, Forty miles North of Memphis and in the heart of the Arkansas [...]

Caviar Limes

 What we’re eating now: Caviar Limes, also known as Finger Limes or Citrus Pearls. Story shot by Par Bengtsson. Art Direction by Randy Price. CAVIAR LIMES: Caviar of the Citrus World [...]

Riding The California Coffee Wave

April 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

What we’re drinking now: Good Land Organics California Coffee. Story shot by Par BengtssonArt Direction by Randy Price RIDING THE CALIFORNIA COFFEE WAVE Along the sparkling blue California coastline and up into the [...]