What we’re eating now:
Caviar Limes, also known as Finger Limes or Citrus Pearls.
Story shot by Par Bengtsson.
Art Direction by Randy Price.

CAVIAR LIMES: Caviar of the Citrus World

While visiting Good Land Organics Farm in Santa Barbara we were introduced to the curious citrus fruits known as Caviar Limes or Finger Limes. These small limes are shaped like fingers and hang off trees. When they are opened, tiny jewel-like bubbles of citrus burst from the skin in a range of soft translucent colors. The first taste of these flavorful gems is unforgettable!Image #4

Originally native to Australia, Jay Ruskey (owner of Good Land Organics) has helped to assimilate the limes into the California citrus variety collection and can be found at local farmers markets. You may also spot them on menus in Paris where they are becoming popular with chefs who refer to these fruits as Citrus Pearls.

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The flavor is tangy and effervescent with lemon, lime and herbal undertones. They make an excellent garnish. We recommend serving them over asparagus, fish or ceviche to add a playful feel to dishes.  The unique lime flavor and texture are also the perfect compliment to a delicious margarita. Cheers!